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September 29, 2005

there is always more to say...

More than what you heard, and more than your eyes can see. Much more than simple words on a paper; rewriting cultures, saying the ansaid, thinking how to think. Being more than you, being two, the feet and the head, the heaven and the earth, one goes while the other remains on the background, two experiences, one result.
That´s the ethnographer work...

Later i´ll tell more about me, i dont have much time now, so i´ll just give an idea about what i´ll write in this blog.

My ideas surround those fieldwork problens, but not just the "being there" problem, but the first and the sencond "being here" - sequentially before and after the fielwork it self.

My great inspiration comes from my future first fieldwork experience: On november 30 i´m going to an Herero tribe on northeast Namibia.

too many things on my head.

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