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November 30, 2005

almost there...

Finally I got out of the classroom of my university. I´m very anxious to use all my theory “skills”, to see that hybrid object being created on the fieldwork – neither my sense of perception and neither what they say. Finally, the beautiful sea that Malinowski once saw it`ll be before my eyes, but on my specially case it`ll be a “beautiful sea” of sand on Kalahari fields.

So, for those who dont know what i`ll realy do, here it`s: I`m going to stay three months between a Herero tribe on the okundjato region of Namibia. My research issue is the tradicionals belifs of these group. My fieldwork comprehend something like two thousand people on a village 300 km from Windhoeck.

Ok, thats it for now, I`m on Buenos Aires, on my way to Johannesburg and I still have to go see my airplane tickets. In some days I`ll starting posting really fieldwork notes.lg.

Posted by josue at 03:45 PM