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December 11, 2005


After a good sleeping night, I waked up at 7:00 am to go to the airport take my final flight to Namibia. Once again we took the train, this time it wasn’t so scaring, again there was a lot of people (I could not find a place to seat down), but not so much as yesterday. This time Ana said I could take some photos.
In the airport I talked with a man that was going to Namibia, he is a Herero descendent and he said his uncle live on Okundjato where I’m going to stay. Funny guy.
Once in Namibian little international airport there was Engelbert Matuzee, Clement Matuzee and their father, Jafta Matuzee who don’t speak English. Also there was that little funny man I met on Johannesburg airport. He was there talking with the Matuzee family. He said he would visit us on Okundjato.
The rest of the day was very full. I needed to buy a tend, some fruits, exchange some money, send some emails, make some phone calls (what I didn’t get) and in the last of the day, after almost all this things we still went to visit some Jefta’s daughters. So we walked a lot and I think it was more than 9 pm when we finally drove home.
We drove for 220 km until Jefta’s farm. We will only go to Okundjato on Monday. Okundjato stays 68 km far from here.
In the farm there is no energy, so as we got there at 12 pm I just took my sleeping bag and putted on Jefta’s living room.

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