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December 11, 2005


I had a good night, waked up at 8:30 for the service at the little church they have here. That is interesting, because, they don’t needed a little church here to do a service, they are not so much, so they could do it at some ones house. It looks like the holy fire traditional scheme when each village (a group of the same family) had to have one.
The service was very beautiful, wonderful songs (I recorded), they have beautiful voices. After the songs they had a testimony time, so almost all of the fifteen people inside went in the front to say something or just sing a song. Clement was in the front translating for me. After every one testimony, he said would be good if I went there just to present my self, so I just said about my wily to know their culture. It was all right. Then Engelbert preached and after 2h and 30 min the service was finished.
It was almost middle day, so I just took a book from my tend and some water and went to Jefta’s house where I took my lunch too. Good spaghetti. After lunch I just talked with Engelbert and he told me that later, after his rest we could go on to walk on the farm, but later time became against us and we couldn’t do it. That was good, because after the I rest a little too, I went to call up Engelbert but he was still sleeping, so I just took the guitar and played for some time, until Lindsay (Jefta’s daughter) called me saying her father want me to play for him at his house. So there was I, pleasing him, so Clement and Engelbert appeared and we start to talk, on fact I was just listening their talk with their father in Otjiherero, and thinking about some thing interesting to say or ask. We started talking about some songs, we played a little more, later Engelbert went help some kids to kill and prepare a sheep and I remembered the yesterday talking about their descendent, Clement had told me they were Maherero descendents, so I ask more about their genealogy, I asked Clement if his parents knew their genealogy. He answered that they would know something, but not any thing. So he asked his parents – his father was sitting on an old bad and his mother was sitting on the ground. Clement and I were on chairs – about it. We had a lot of talking about it, they’re all trying to remember every thing. It was very good, Clement get interested too when he sow they were just three generations far from the great Maherero. After a long time about it, Jefta told that his mother would know every thing about it. So I just asked if we could stay one or two days with her so I could talk to her and try to do their genealogy history. He said yes, we are going to go there on Wednesday.
I think this was a good idea, to go after their genealogy. I’m thinking about writing down their family history, maybe can be a good think to do, trying to study the religion tradition from those who don’t have it any more and than go to the traditional believers, some thing like “The Lost of Tradition on a Herero Family” I think it would be a good book chapter. I just am kind of worried about my future, if all this we put me in the top, will I really became a good anthropologist? I hate all this questions. But I’m here, so I just need to focus on my work and have good questions.
After all this talking and these self-questioned and not yet answered questions, I could learn some words on Otjiherero; I should get something to write down all this. Of all things I learned the best was ngunda merihongo koutitititi that means “I still learning Otjiherero, little by little”. I have to learn their language better and faster I can, it’s very interesting how they stay surprise and happy when you learn some words, and just start to say it.
Later I got my first shower at Namibian terrain, in the middle my Sarah just called me, oh how I miss her. After my shower I went to Engelbert house (where my tend is) and we drunk some coffee and talked a lot about many things. I kind of learn a lot of others words, but I don’t remember very much, I should really start to put all this words on a paper.
The night was just beautiful again. Finally I went to my tend to write down all this and get some rest. Tomorrow we’ll gets up early – as always – to go to Okundjato where we are planning to stay for 10 days and them we’ll came back to the farm until new year. Okarara Nawa.

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