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December 02, 2005

Johannesburg, who is the exotic?

After some 9 hours of flight I finally got on Africa. Just amazing, no words and I think those next months will be just wonderful.
The Johannesburg International Airport is a total mess, no one see your baggage, no one to indicate where to go, you just go. It was very funny, every one was lost until we finally find some checkout points. Since there is okay, the interesting was when I got out side. There was a friend of a friend mine, Ana, waiting for me. So we met each other and quickly went to see some stuff about my baggage. After that – every thing was okay – I said I need to make some phone calls, mom, dad, girlfriend and that’s it. Now comes the amazing part, of course that now it’s easy to be calm, but on at the time…
So, we finally decided to go home, or better, her and her husband home – they live with their children in a Baptist Church on…. . She said her husband wouldn’t come to get us, so we would have to use a cab, a train or a little bus. The problems were that the cab was very expensive, the little bus has the dangerous drivers - that take you and in the middle of the “way home” stop the van and stole some money from you – and there was the train, in the middle of a industrial area, also very dangerous (I came to realize that a lot of things can be dangerous on Johannesburg) and where I was the only white one. So now, after apartheid, I’m the exotic one.\
It was strange, every one looks at me, they seen to say that I was on the wrong place and I think I was almost saying “I known I know”. So no pictures on this first day, Ana told me to not take pictures. After all, I get “home” safety and all my afraid became excitement and more anxious. In the end of the day I took some pictures, later I post it.

Posted by josue at December 2, 2005 11:13 AM