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March 16, 2006

Déjà vu

Today I've finally started working on my "database". After yesterday talk with my professor (Dr. Airton Jungblot) we decided to start doing some quick notes so I can vizualize better all the issues I worked there and start to separate all good ethnographic data and that means to read all my fieldwork huge diary.

I was completly surrounded by an strange feeling of déjà vu, feeling the same I felt on those moments, and my reaction was the best, I started to feel angry, sad and happy again. When I stopped working to go back home I was really trying to take me out from "there" again and this funny and new liminar position - when I need to create a new hybrid object, constructed between the "here me" and the "there me", interpreting the interpretation of the interpretation of those Herero realities - make me love anthropology and our master piece, ethnograpy.

It's now the best moment to remember that Clifford citation, when he says

"Ethnography writing is determined in at least six ways: (1) Contextually (it draws from and creates meaningful social milieux); (2) Rhetorically (it uses and is used by expressive conventions); (3) Institutionally (one writes within, and against, specific traditions, disciplines, audiences); (4) Generically (an ethnography is usually distinguishable from a novel or a travel account); (5) Politically (the authority to represent cultural realities is unequally shared and at times contested); (6) Historically (all the above conventions and constraints are changing). These determinations govern the inscription of coherent ethnographic fictions"

So, with all that on mind I've started my second ethnography, my "homework" and thats what i will reflect from this day on, until the next ethnography experience - that is already on my M.A plans, we cant stop planning.

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