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June 15, 2006

thinking, re-thinking and thinking the unthinkable about syncretism.

Long time, no see. I finished my diary review, it was fine, as I said on the last entry, it was a funny, ambiguos, maybe even dialectical situation. Soon after that I started to write an article for the XI congress of the Association for Latin American Religion Studies to be realized on July in São Paulo. I'll present a paper about syncretism among the Hereros of Namibia, relating this with the Afro-brazilian syncretisms.
During my writings, while I was reading some books about it (maybe later I will post some reviews about these books) I founded myself facing some issues that now I know, is what I want to work from now one. On all those readings I had one that really made me think, re-think and think the unthinkable about syncretism. It was clearly the ideas of Stewart about one anthropology of syncretism - based on a meta-syncretism within the contexts of each individual and using the concept of frames to anayse different commitments -, Ferretti's book "Re-thinking Syncretism", and some Peter Berger's texts about secularization, pluralism and the nowadays desecularization that have been surrounding my mind these days.
Well, it's hard to say what I'm thinking about these ideas, I'm trying to compile all of it inside my head. I have some logic I'm trying to line from the pluralistic situation forward some modified view about the secularization thesis - although I think I will not use it any more, I dont know - and, using some of Durkheim's ideas of religion as a way to survive from our existence problems, aproximate the syncretistic formations as made up for individuals on the quest for their existence problems.
Yeah, it's much more complicate than that, I'm just trying to breath life again on this blog, I'll try to post more issues here and bring some discussions. I'm just reading a lot, trying to read more and more about all these, trying to close these theoretical issues and, furthermore, close it inside my head, trying to think the unthinkable.
Good luck to all of us.

Posted by josue at June 15, 2006 11:27 PM