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Podcasts of a few sessions at the SfAA conference

That's right folks, you heard it here first. Well, maybe not first- but this is the first of any outside publicity of it.

As it stands right now, there are 9 sessions at the SfAA conference next week that are set to be recorded and published as podcasts. It's a variety of sessions anything from linguistics to archeology to global health in a time of violence. Hopefully most people will find at least one session of interest to them.

I've been working with the SfAA office and my anthropology department (UNT) for the last couple of months and it looks like everything is set to go! Over the weekend I will set up our website sfaapodcasts.net which will offer some more info. I hope to have the first podcast up by April 7th. I'll be sure to keep you posted on the progress.

Here is the rough draft of the flyer

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