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First 3 of 17 2008 SfAA Podcasts are available

Presidential Plenary Session in Honor of John van Willigen: The Art and Science of Applied Anthropology in the 21st Century

Preparing Applied Anthropologists for the 21st Century, Part I

Preparing Applied Anthropologists for the 21st Century, Part II

The Preparing Appied Anthropologists for the 21st Century podcasts/blog posts are complimented by a great list of "important points" that the speakers put together. The session organizers, Phil Young and Carla GuerrĂ³n-Montero worked hard to put together this fantastic panel and all of the papers were very informative. These panels had a strong focus on students and I think a lot of students will find them to be helpful. The speakers currently have a NAPA Bulletin in-press that will expand upon what they presented at the SfAA.

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