December 01, 2007

Holy Grail Across the Atlantic: My Own Rant to Bradley

Hey Everyone,


To start this new category of posts I am starting with Holy Grail Across the Atlantic by Michael Bradley. With my recent research on some of the predominant pre-Columbian contact theories this book was a must read. This review is just about one or two of the main things in this book that really did not sit well with me.

As with most Pseudoarchaeological claims Bradley attacks Anthropology and Archaeology as an academic discipline. This is a somewhat long quote that pretty much sums up Bradley's rant against Anthropology,
"Then, Thor Heyerdahl proved beyond a doubt that the Polynesians had, in fact, migrated into the Pacific from the east, from America. This is gradually becoming accepted now, as those "experts" die off who are responsible for so many textbooks which are mere rubbish." (Bradley 1988)
Where he finds the "beyond a doubt" statement is beyond my own comprehension. Theories do not become predominant because the previous generation died off. They become accepted because they have substantial proof to back them up.

Just after this statement he then attacks Participant Observation.
"... how can some hot-shot academic spend a few weeks or months with a tribe and expect to come away with any idea of what they know and believe?" (Bradley 1988)

These two comments really struck me while I was reading the book and they left a foul taste in my mouth. The fact remains that in order for Bradley's theory to be accepted he needs hard facts; which he is lacking.

November 26, 2007

For the Love of Posting

Hey Everyone,

I'm not really sure how long this post will be. Its a 'post because you haven't posted for a while' post.

New Computer Program

Since my last post of OS X programs I have discovered quite a few more programs. I will probably make another post like it. One of the gems that I found is called WriteRoom. Its claim to fame is "distraction free writing". It basically turns your computer into a full screen text editor with no other options than typing. No spell-check, not formatting bar, no menus, etc. It is a rather neat idea. I don't know how many times I have been working on something important and have found myself talking on MSN or checking Facebook. With this program all those go away.


Research Paper Update

Last week I finished my research paper draft. I decided I needed to finish at least the draft and I pulled an all nighter. I am somewhat happy with have I have completed so far. I need to add a few more sites that are discussed in Michael Bradley’s book "Holy Grail Across the Atlantic". I read the book for the first time the other day. Something rather neat is that while writing that book in the 80s he lived in the same community my parents lived in at the time. Most of his 'facts' are very thin. When the final draft of my research paper is submitted I will post a copy on my blog for everyone to read.

Other Things?

As for other thoughts I guess these only really one other thing to discuss/think about for me. Now that I have done all this research I know I have discovered at least a few new details about the Henry Sinclair theory. I am not really sure where I go now.

New Show

I discovered a new Internet show yesterday while surfing the net. The show is called 'QuaterLife'. For being somewhat amateur in nature it is really well done. I keep wondering where they get the money to film it. There doesn't seem to be any advertisements on their website and it is completely Internet based. Anyways, I recommend anyone wanting to blow an hour should check it out.


November 13, 2007

Favourite OS X Programs

Hey Everyone,

Since I recently switched to Apple I have come to admire the functionality of the programs. In the old days of windows my computer never felt like it was mine. But, with OS X I now feel like my computer finally works for me and not against. I know that sounds like the cliche advertisements but it is true. My last computer had Windows Vista and it did not work.

Anyways, Heres the List!

My favourite programs that come with OS X are:

(So many neat things you can add. Mine has PandaCam, Facebook, Wikipedia, Google, Youtube, the Weather Forcast, and more.

A Few Programs I Like -

Sporktris (Small Tetris Like Game) Free


Yep (Like iPhoto for Your PDFs) 35$


LiveQuartz (A Simple Image Editor) Free


Desktop Manager (Vitual Screens (Like Linux))


Procrastination Posting

Hey Everyone,

I am at the moment turning my attention to the blog. My research paper will have to wait! The paper will be ready for the first draft deadline on Wednesday. Tomorrow I am spending the entire day in the library. Its odd how many people pick a spot in the library while in their first year of university and do not change where they go. I tend to be in different places everytime I go depending on my mood of the day.

My research paper is going along well from what I can tell. The topic is Henry Sinclair. I posted a link to the wikipedia artice in my last post. The idea behind the paper is to review the evidence supporting the claim of a pre-columbian voyage by Henry Sinclair. The main piece of evidence is the Zeno Narrative that was written in 1558 by Nicolò Zeno (Junior). The narrative was pieced together from no-longer existent fragments of letters that apparently dated to 1380. The main claim of the narrative is that a Prince named 'Zichmni' traveled to Greenland and Nova Scotia in the year 1380 (some argue that it was actually 1390-8 but no evidence actually points directly to those days).

(The Zeno Map)

Theories of voyages before Columbus have been made in the past like the Chinese in 1421 (Gavin Menzies and Paul Chiasson), Henry Sinclair in 1398 (Frederick J Pohls Date), St. Brendan of Ireland in 565-73, and more.

Anyways, I will post a copy of the paper when it is complete!

November 12, 2007

Finally Ready

Hi Everyone,

I finally got this blog setup the way I like it. The only issue I have with the blog right now is the name. So if anyone has any neat suggestions that would be helpful. The design process took me a little while to figure out. I created the banner at the top of the page and in case you are wondering the biface in the picture was my first biface I ever found.

A little introduction is probably required. I am Josh Tabor and I live in New Brunswick, Canada. I am originally from a small town in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia (close to the Bay of Fundy with the highest tides in the world).


I am an Anthropology student at the University of New Brunswick and currently in my third year. My main interest is Archaeology. Currently I am writing a research paper on Henry Sinclair ( The first draft of the paper will be complete in a week. I will be posting the final copy on here for people to read.

That is basically all I am posting tonight but there will be more soon!