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Feeling Good

I just got in from a trip to Lomè, Togo, where I went to interview some veterans in the used clothing business. The interviews went pretty well, and I left feeling really good because I can finally see many things falling into place in my research. It is one of those moments when I can feel the research moving fine, and I am savouring it.


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Sounds like its moving along! I can understand how that feels good, because I on the other hand, am at that point where I need to get the research moving (started).

My first week "in the field" has been a bit... slow :)

Great blog and it sounds like some very interesting research!


Hi Owen,

Thanks for the comment... Yea it is. I guess there is that time during fieldwork when things seem to fall into place. I am still in that 'feel good' phase, and I hope it continues! Your research is interesting enough so I think getting it going shouldn't be any problem.

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