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Igbo Migration.... and Apprenticeship

In the previous blog I wrote that I was consulting some literature on Igbo history. Since I am researching in Cotonou, Benin, I have been looking for materials on Igbo migration into West Africa. Funnily, I have not been able to get any book or article on the subject. I wrote 'funnily' because the Igbo are very famous for migration, and I didn't expect that it would be that hard to find any book on their migration into West Africa. It is important to me because, on different levels, the history of the trade in used clothing in Benin is linked to the history of migration.... If anyone knows of any book on the topic please let me know.

And last Monday, I gave a paper at a seminar in my old university, the University of Ibadan (had my BA there). The paper attempted to explain the reasons for the problems one finds in the institution of apprenticeship among the Igbo. It drew from my ongoing fieldwork with the used clothing traders.


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