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Trying to start writing up

It has been a couple of months since I got back from fieldwork. Shortly after getting back I headed off to Chicago for the Africa Studies Association meeting to present a paper. It was really nice to be there, although my presentation was really preliminary as I had not had time for any serious or meaningful analysis.

Now that the fieldwork is over it is time for me to write an anthropological study. I have been trying to make the chapterisation, and when i finish with that II will draw up a timetable. I must say that it is not going too smoothly at the moment, but I realise that the choices I make in the chapterisation are really important so I am trying to take my time.

That is what has been happening.


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It was fun to read your post it took me back a number of years when I, too, had returned from Africa to Chicago (Northwestern) and tried to piece something together for the ASA's. Hang in there. I guess everyone is different but I think its very hard to see the big picture all at once. I found, myself, nibbling away on the edges, writing small bits, until I got the Chapters right. It is very easy to get hung up thinking you have to get the framework just perfect. My personal advice would be to let whatever comes out come out. You will be revising for a long time and you can always change it up--and, I bet, you will. Good luck and keep going. It is really interesting work. I am looking forward to it.

Dear Pamela,

Thanks a lot for the advice. It is good to hear from someone about this. I think it is easy to get stuck in looking for the right framework. I will start with what I have and I promise to keep you updated as things move on.


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