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March 09, 2009

Moved to www.loomnie.com

I have two blogs - up to this moment that is. I am closing the site here and moving the content to my other blog - www.loomnie.com

When I started blogging here I thought I would make this my anthropology blog, a place to discuss anthropology issues with fellow anthropologists, and a place where I could actually blog as Olumide Abimbola. When I started blogging in 2005 I simply started blogging as loomnie and I have been reluctant to change it. When the idea to blog as an anthropologist came up I decided that it was a good opportunity to blog with my real name. I have now decided to leave my name on the about page of loomnie.com

There is actually something about blogging as oneself; there is that certain something that anonymity takes away from one. For one, there is a measure of self-censorship that comes from wanting to maintain anonymity. Once that is gone one can blog as oneself without actually worrying too much about being outed. Or at least that is how I think of it in my own case.

Therefore, this blog moves to www.loomnie.com, and all the posts will be exported there as well. NativeAnthropologist still remains here, and all the posts I had here are still available. Only that the most recent one will be this notification that it has been moved.

I hope I see you all over at www.loomnie.com.