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June 15, 2007


My two friends and I arrived in Tegucigalpa last night after a four hour bus ride from San Pedro Sula. At first I was worried it would be a "chicken bus" (old school bus) but it was a very nice tour type traveling bus. We are staying at one of the nicer hotels in the city. Already I like Tegucigalpa better than San Pedro, although many people don't like it at all. It's a mix of modern and Spanish Colonial architecture, and is a big bustling city.

The reason we are in the capital city is because we were able to set up a private tour of the former presidential palace where there national archives are housed. Our goal was to get historical information about the Palmarejo Valley where we work. We saw rooms with original documents from the 18th and 19th century...very interesting (and musty smelling). I even discovered that my very own original hand-written field notes from last year are archived there. The photo below is of me at the presidential palace, which was used up until 1992. We even got to see the President's office (it's oval shaped too), which was being renovated.

tegucigalpa 018.jpg

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June 10, 2007


This weekend we drove to Comayagua, Honduras for an academic conference about archaeology and community. Comayagua is a very beautiful colonial town with some great Spanish architecture and majestic churches (below is a photo of me in front of the main Cathedral named for the town). We are headed back to Cofradia today to continue the field season until the end of the month. Work is going well and I am collecting a lot of interesting data.

comayagua07 076.jpg

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