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July 28, 2007

Road trip, Guatemalan style

Early tomorrow morning the group and I will be packing up the ol' (well, fairly new actually) Hyundai van and heading out to see the "real" Guatemala. After a successful season of laser scanning and documentation at various locales around Guatemala City and Antigua, our director decided it would be a treat for us to see the parts of the country that tourists don't typically go. This primarily means the small indigenous villages in the southern highlands that are known for their markets and handmade textiles. Our first stop tomorrow will be a coffee plantation that is situated at the Maya Pre-classic site of Takalik Abaj about four hours west of Guatemala City where we are now. Our neighbor here owns the plantation and has a fond interest in archaeology and as a result has been incredibly generous to our project. He apparently has quite a bit in store for us at his plantation. After that is is on to some indigenous villages, including Chichicastenango which has one of the largest indigenous markets in Central America (pictured below).


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July 10, 2007


Working in Guatemala has been going great. We have a relatively easy work schedule but at the same time are being very productive. The laser scanning process involves minimum effort for tremendous results. Since I've been here, we've documented stone monuments and artifacts at the National and Miraflores Museums in Guatemala City and a private collection located in Antigua, Guatemala. The weather is consistently cool during the day and actually chilly at night. I was told the Guatemala highlands are often referred to as "the land of eternal spring." I believe it. The photo is of me at the main Cathedral in Antigua.

antigua 088.jpg

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July 02, 2007

Photos online

I have posted almost 200 photos from the past month in Honduras on my Flickr page. I arrived in Guatemala City yesterday to work on another project until the beginning of August, when I return to the States. Honduras was Honduras, and Guatemala should prove to be a rewarding and enlightening experience.


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