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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The big search

As I wrap up the final weeks of my graduate school education (approximately 72 days as I write this) I have started looking for a job. I just updated my personal website with a new photo, an updated CV, and some more information about what I do. I recently applied for a position with the state of North Carolina and signed up for the federal government's job search website where you upload your information and resume and can then search for positions or be found by employers. I'm also keeping an eye on a lead with the National Park Service through a contact at school, but options are limited because there's only a handful of federally-operated parks and monuments in NC. Either way my goal is to end up in NC and get on with my life (I turned a quarter century on Monday). As for now, I'm finally working on the analysis portion of my research and the hardest part is turning out to be tracking down usable geographic data (satellite imagery, topography, etc.) to use with what I collected in Honduras. My first draft will be completed by the last week of October, then it's a back-and-forth waiting game as I correct drafts and wait for my committee to finally sign off on it.

Posted by Will at October 3, 2007 01:22 PM in Graduate School