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July 12, 2005

Pixel Fire

Joseph Nechvatal's Virus Project 2.0 “simulates a population of active viruses (max 1000) functioning as an analogy of a viral biological system. Viral algorithms, based on a viral biological model, are used to define evolutionary processes…The world is modeled as an image via a set of pixels. Every pixel’s color is defined by R, G, B real number vectors which represent the red, green, and blue components of every pixel’s color. The image world has no edges. Every square on the edge of the image is adjacent to another on the opposite edge. A virus can move around the image and impact the image world as different colors actually correspond to resources used for survival by the viruses."

“The premise of the project is the rhizomatic exploration of host/parasite omnijectivity (the metaphysical concept stemming from the discoveries of quantum physics which teaches that the mind and matter are inextricably linked) under the influence of today’s high-frequency, electronic, computerized environment…This viral viractuality is the most erudite, the most aware, the most conscious, and the most cluttered area of our consciousness as it is the depth from which we beings emerged as child parasites into our now precarious existence.”

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